Remote Desktop Support

Remote Desktop Support is a way for a computer Technician to login to and fix your computer without having to be there physically. This is all performed with an Internet connection from the Technicians location to wherever you are.

Step 1:

Download Teamviewer Quicksupport by:

Clicking on here for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

Clicking on here for Mac

Step 2:

When prompted to, save the file to your Downloads folder.

Step 3:

When the download has finished, locate the file in your Downloads folder, it will be a blue icon similar to this:

Step 4:

Double click on TeamViewerQS.exe and select to run it.

Step 5:

You will then be presented with a window similar to the image below. Now send Your ID and Password to your computer Technician via email or text message - 027 484 0588 or

Your computer Technician will then login to your computer and complete the repairs. When they have finished, you will be contacted and informed about the repair.